Neck Lift

Duration of the procedure:

1 or 2 hours depending on the preoperative findings

Type of anaesthesia:

local anaesthetic plus a light sedative, or general anaesthetic

Outpatient treatment

with medical supervision during the first night


after about a week


This operation is usually carried out in combination with a lower facelift. A saggy neck is often the first clearly visible sign of the aging face. Lifting the neck area is an effective way of restoring contours and smoothening the skin.


The incision runs the same way as for a lower facelift: hidden along the edge of the cartilage at the front of the ears, around the earlobes, along the back of the ears and into the hair at the back of the head. After the thin sheet-like muscle directly under the skin of the neck (platysma) has been pulled back, the skin is lightly stretched.

Especially patients who are overweight and who have lost contours between the chin and the neckline are advised to have liposuction as well.

After the operation

  • Cool the neck region
  • Keep your head raised to reduce swelling
  • You may wash your hair after 4 days
  • Sutures are removed after 10 – 14 days
  • Post-surgical wound care (with scar massage und possibly self-adhesive silicone pads) begins after suture removal
  • Avoid strenuous activities such as sports for 6 weeks
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