Duration of treatment:

Depending on examination results - 1-2 hours

Type of anesthesia:

local anesthesia

Outpatient treatment

Return to the normal rhythm of life

in about 3 days


  • loss of subcutaneous tissue volume
  • loss of skin elasticity
  • “exhausted” skin structure
  • “shrinking” of tissue


In the course of a mild surgery for liposuction a small amount of fat cells is removed using very thin needles. These cells are immediately processed and finally introduced into the treated area. Skin incision is not required.

It is impossible to reliably predict the results, since the introduced body adipose tissue can be fully absorbed. Thus, several procedures are sometimes required.

After operation

  • Local cooling
  • Elevated position of the head in order to avoid swelling and bruising
  • Using makeup – in about 2 days
  • Shampooing - within 2 days
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