Surgery of the Ears

Duration of the procedure:

from 1 to 3 hours depending on the preoperative findings

Type of anaesthesia:

general anaesthetic, only minor corrections are carried out using local anaesthetic

Outpatient treatment:

 possibly with medical supervision in a hotel during the first night


after about 10 days


Deformations of the nose (congenital or due to injury)
Reshaping of crooked noses, dorsal humps, saddleback deformities, nose tips, rhinophyma (ruddy, bulbous noses)


The operation is individually planned and carried out on the basis of our findings. The procedure is carried out either from inside the nose – so that there will be no visible external scars – or from the columella of the nose (leaving a slightly visible scar).

After the operation

  • Cool the nose area
  • Keep your head raised to reduce swelling
  • Sutures (if needed) are removed after 5 – 7 days
  • Avoid strenuous activities such as sports for 4 weeks
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