The human body image stems from the interaction and harmony of a great number of details.

Plastic surgery offers countless ways of changing the overall impression by means of minor or major alterations.

Good craftsmanship is an essential prerequisite but, nevertheless, in order to achieve optimal results more is required.

Of crucial importance are the operating surgeon’s ‘aesthetic eye’ (What effect will the planned operation have on the patient’s future appearance?), his psychological sensitivity, and the individual care he can offer the patient. My long years of experience have taught me that not everything the patients ask for is possible or wise.

It is my ambition and my personal concern to achieve excellent, long-lasting results that will permanently improve my patients’ appearance and charisma, making them look more attractive, relaxed, energetic, and giving them a better quality of life as a result. Optimal results require individual, tailor-made treatment strategies. My philosophy is as follows: My patient must identify with his/her body and feel at ease and satisfied in it.

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