Permanent Fillers

In the case of permanent fillers, non-biological products are utilized, which generally are not resorbed from the body, so that they can  forever remain where they have been instilled.

Patients often ask about these infiltrations, because the idea of having only one treatment forever is tempting.

In spite of this advantage, fillers are used today increasingly cautiously due to serious side effects which could occur, such as inflammation and  "ABSTOß" reactions which cause granulation and scarring. These reactions can even occur years later and the altered filler substance is almost impossible to completely remove.

On request we offer "Aquamid" in our clinic, which is a soft, good modelbar filler with which we have had the best experience with thus far.

treatment time:

approx. 30 minutes

anaesthetic used:

local creme

ambulant treatment

down time:

1-2 days


  • wrinkles and scars
  • conturing and filling certain facial parts (for example: too thin or aged, wrinkled lips, deep folds between the nose and mouth, "angry" forehead wrinkles)


After a pain reducing creme is applied to the facial area, the permanent filler is infiltrated with a very thin needle to achieve the desired effect. The treatment is practically painless. Afterwards, in order to avoid swelling and bruising, the facial area is cooled.

Directly after the treatment the infiltrated material does not immediately attach itself  to the natural facial tissue, so that these treated areas must be fixated for a while and shouldn't be moved.

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